Jen + Matt

May 2, 2022

I have said it before and I will say it again! Make your engagement shoot unique to you and your relationship! Jen and Matt’s engagement session may be one of my favorites I have ever done! Why? Because not only did they plan the shoot to be representative of them but they had so much fun doing it and made my job so easy!

Jen and Matt met at U-Bahn in Center Cit so guess where we started their engagement shoot…. that’s right, we went to U-Bahn! We got to go in early and take a few pics before heading back to their home to take some pics with the cutest floof I have ever seen, their dog Mazie! We took some family photos and then headed over to Christopher Colombus blvd where there is a line of cherry blossom trees on the old train tracks!!!

I loved not only the pics from this shoot but I also loved hanging out with Jen and Matt and getting to know them!!!



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